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Afakv - Hakka-Punti Armed Conflicts (1855-1867). 土客械鬥.

Hakka-Punti Armed Conflicts: A Violent History

An article on the violent history of the Hakka and the Punti. It will survey some topics regarding Hakka identity and Punti identiy. The second part of this article will delve into the minutiae of the war.


The Conquest of Xinjiang

Xinjiang has over the past few years frequently reached the headlines as China is questioned over the treatment of its inhabitants and China’s legitimacy over the area. While this article shall not directly discuss those highly controversial and politicised topics, I do hope that my attempt to survey the history of Xinjiang will give theContinue reading “The Conquest of Xinjiang”

Hells Canyon Massacre

The date was May 27, 1887 when 34 Chinese miners were murdered, stripped naked, hacked to pieces and then thrown into the Snake River in Oregon. It was the worst massacre of Chinese in the history of the American West and the murderers got off unpunished. Today, 133 years later, we remember this atrocity.

We Remember

Some things that shouldn’t be forgotten have been forgotten. We owe it to those who came before us to have their struggles and pain remembered. The mistakes they made can be seen as guidebook for the future.

This website serves as an archive, for me to learn, but also for me to share. Feel free to browse or come up with topic suggestion.

Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.

George Santayana

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