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Enter the Forest of Memories

Know your Past, Shape your Future

The Price of Dignity: Vincent Chin

Today we honour Vincent Chin. We honour his choices. We honour his way of life. We honour his dignity. We honour his life. This is why we choose the day that marked his life rather than the one that marked his death. Guangdong province, 18 May 1955 – a man was born who later be…

O Canada, our home and native banned: Chinese Immigration Act 1923

Canada is known on the internet as a polite place where everyone is nice and apologises for everything, but really, that just describes traditional Southern Chinese culture. Canada is a whole different story. When last year May it was discovered that countless native children have been murdered by the Canadians, it blemished their precious imagine.…

We Remember

Some things that shouldn’t be forgotten have been forgotten. We owe it to those who came before us to have their struggles and pain remembered. The mistakes they made can be seen as guidebook for the future.

This website serves as an archive, for me to learn, but also for me to share. Feel free to browse or come up with topic suggestion.

Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.

George Santayana