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Asian Pacific Heritage Month

A heritage of suffering

It’s May, that means a lot of history needs to be covered. You can’t love the nice things without acknowledging the pain of those who made them. This is Afakv’s Memories, and we’re dedicated to making you remember.

May is a month in which many things happened to the Chinese. This history of pain is oft swept under the rug, this is a travesty of history, and one we seek to correct.


(Upcoming) articles on the events in May

This page will be periodically updated with links to the articles published over the course of May. Yet to be published articles will not have a hyperlink attached to them.

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About Us

We are Afakv and we are many. Afakv is Manchu for hero or valiant fighter. We believe that there are things that should not be forgotten, but have been. Frivolous matters occupy our minds while the spectres of the past loom over us still. We find ourselves lost, wondering why, and wondering how, yet oftentimes we need to peer back into the past that shaped us to find the questions you were looking for. Come to us. learn your past, your future depends on it after all! Read more

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