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Appendix: A Timeline and a Map of the War in China of 1900

The Boxer Rebellion and the subsequent Western invasion/intervention is a complicated episode in world history with many moving pieces. In order to benefit the accessibility to the material in my articles, I have created a timeline which ties together most major events of the war. The timeline is based on the “八国联军侵华大事记” article from the publication Catholic Church in China. In addition to the timeline I have also marked a map with most relevant locations that are discussed in these articles and on the timeline.

Undoubtedly, the reader will recognise the events described my previous articles The Black River Runs Red: The Massacres in Northeast China and War in China: the Fall of Beijing as well as the more recent War in China: the Ravishment of the North. If one is unfamiliar with Chinese geography and Late Qing history, I would strongly recommend to pull this page up beside the articles for ease of access when the information is needed.

Scroll down for the map, it’s all the way at the bottom.
Click the timelines and press “view full size” to zoom in.

A map of Northern China and relevant locations

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